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Adding Nospam in profile email address

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Question, I changed the email address in my profile from fnforst@aol.com to fnnospamforst@aol.com, as it tells you that you can do that, the question is , would this still work with aol? Moss said he replied to an email, but it never arrived at this end, any one else use this nospam on their profile?


PS For Postie , will pick up bug in the morning and move it at the week-end

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On the account information page there is a real e-mail address and a display e-mail address. If you changed the real e-mail address, it's now broken. If you changed the display e-mail address, it's not broken but anybody who sends you mail will need to edit it to remove the "nospam" string from it. When I click on the link mailto:fnnospamforst@aol.com in your profile, I get a "compose e-mail" window with that address in it, which means that if I sent the mail without removing the "nospam" it would go to AOL and probably bounce because it is unlikely that they have a subscriber with a user name fnnospamforst.


Personnally I prefer to replace the @ sign by something as in jeremypATeasynet.co.uk. This means it doesn't look like an e-mail address at all and address harvesters will hopefully pass over it.




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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