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Ukraine Geocaches

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Geocaching.com strives to avoid becoming engaged in political debates.  The geocaching platform supports geocachers - ordinary people like you and me who want to hide geocaches for others to find.  That's true regardless of whether the cache is hidden in Afghanistan, Gaza, Russia or (nearly) any place else that might be embroiled in political controversy.


Only two geocaches have been hidden in Crimea since February 20, 2014.  Both were Earth Caches, set up by visitors from the Czech Republic.  Are you somehow implying that publishing these two caches constitutes an endorsement of Russia's actions from and after that date?  Are you suggesting that the Russian government is in any way involved with geocaches hidden in Crimea or Russia?  Hint: they aren't.

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18 hours ago, lserick said:

All very funny. Locking Russia out of Geocaching is a statement that the community could make. I can see there's no interest. Enjoy your caches. 


Businesses should stick to business and stay out of politics.


I'm in favor of temporarily suspending geocaching in war zones for safety reasons, but considering how things were handled in Iraq that's unlikely to ever happen 

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What is the cut off for banning caches in countries? Depending on where you get your information, there are over 100 armed conflicts in the world right now. Should caches be banned in all countries involved in armed conflicts?


Groundspeak isn't in a position to influence world policies. This is a hobby for average people. I highly doubt areas around active conflict areas are getting new caches placed.

Curiosity got me looking... it looks likes there are only 29 active caches in Ukraine that were placed in the past two years, and most of those where placed far away from the current unrest. And, looking at all of Russia, there are relatively few caches already, considering the size and population. 

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