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How do I search for only caches that have a trackable inside?

Ice Tres

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If you have premium you can go to “experimental features ” in settings and select the slider that says “caches with trackables” than you go to filter at the top of the screen if you are in the map and press “caches with trackables”. I hope this helps!IMG_3235.jpeg.dbd4b05344553f51b39f66db2d213fa7.jpeg

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On 2/27/2024 at 2:31 PM, Ice Tres said:

I know I've done it before, but I can't figure out how. In my opinion, the presence of a trackable should be one of the filters. FWIW I use the geocaching iphone app and the website. THANKS

Helpful info from both.

We haven't looked for caches with Trackables for some time. They're rarely accurate...

So many errors that we often found Trackables not in the cache's inventory, and Trackables missing from one 's that said there was one. 

I'm kinda uncomfortable with Trackables showing on any that don't already advertise themselves as a "TB Hotel".

I stay clear of them because of hoarders targeting them, and look for caches further away with not so easy access to drop one off.

BTW, records show you still have another's from 7/2003, TB6A27...

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23 hours ago, SFTX said:

Wow. Holding onto someone else's trackable for over 20 years, with no updates, is not the kindest thing to do.


I agree in principle. But publicly calling out another cacher for something, without knowing any of the details, is perhaps not much kinder.

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[...] publicly calling out another cacher for something, without knowing any of the details, is perhaps not much kinder.

Ok, that's fair. Trackable hoarding is a problem that affects players that enjoy this game enough to pour money into it. I don't 100% know what happened here, and It is absolutely possible that this trackable was released into the wild, the owner watched it move for 3 months, and then they messaged a player and asked them to take it out of circulation forever without transferring ownership or adding a note.

Your point still stands. Next time I'll handle it differently and send a private message.


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