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Yet another Centurion

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Well done old mally


I had the pleasure of doing Quantum leap with him, chosen specially for the Century in the company of Krazy Kats.


It was a fun day out and I nearly had to break his arm to buy him a pint afterwards. (If you believe that etc)


If I spend much more time with the bloke I may even run the risk of doing 100. Well if we hang out togeather till I reach old age I might icon_biggrin.gif


Well done Neil


I woke this morning and my boat was not rocking...for one horrid moment I thought I lived in a house!

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We had to come on the forums for this special occasion and congratulate OMalley on his one hundreth cache find.


When we saw the log for Quatum Leap and realised he had chosen our cache for this special event we felt really honoured.


Well done from both of us. icon_biggrin.gif


Tim & June (Winchester)


See June, I told you that sign which said 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles' was wrong ! icon_smile.gif

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Originally posted by THE BRAMBLERS:

Great to see you've reached your first century.


Yes, well done to you, Neil!



We did order a red carpet, but it didn't arrive in time. icon_wink.gif


Maybe we can get one in time for the HCC event!!!!




My wife uses a cache box to take her sandwiches to work... how odd!

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Thanks guys! icon_biggrin.gif


O.K. O.K. so I know the drill already (oy vay!) icon_wink.gif


First cache: GC8353 This one got me totally hooked and led me on to...


Most frustratingly satisfying cache: GC730F


Most Elusive cache: GCCCBB (and I still have not found it!)


Scariest Cache: GCG2NW


Cache most likely to put me off maths for life: GC9D9E


Hundredth cache: GC3BF5


I can't really name a favourite cache: all caches I've found have taken me somewhere I'd never have gone before. I've certainly enjoyed finding each one, whether it be for the view, the challenge or even something as simple as walking through the woods on a sunny spring morn and catching the most delightful scents arising from the carpet of flowers amongst the trees.

Thanks to everyone that has placed a cache that I've found!

'Spose I'd better go find some more eh? Don't want Merman to catch up with me!! icon_wink.gif


P.S. Tim n June, I see you've now achieved 600 posts: is that a coincidence? Two nice round numbers at once... icon_cool.gif


"Woof" quoth he. Oh, and "Grrr" also.

What Trolls?


[This message was edited by Omally on May 26, 2003 at 10:59 AM.]

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Now I know who you are and can put a 'face' to the the name ('driving license icon_eek.gif ) AND we also trod in your hallowed footsteps today, Team MC congratulate you on this landmark achievement - well done Neil!


"Fear is temporary, regret is permanent!"


motley. adj. varied in appearance or character.

crew. n. group of people.

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