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New cache container?


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43 minutes ago, MartyBartfast said:

Those clips are designed for very infrequent use, you only clip it on the cable once and might have to take it off and put it back maybe once or twice in it's lifetime.

Having it opened every time it's found will probably break the clips before long.


There are many styles of those things, some probably OK as cache containers.  But they're expensive compared to typical cache containers, so I hope the OP gets a screaming good deal.


These might be good as covers for beacons or other small electronics for gadget caches, with the plan that they are not to be opened except to change a battery.  I still might be tempted to use a small lock-n-lock for that.

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Agree with others, hole on each end not good for keeping water out.  Nice n secure for decent sized outdoor lighting cords though.  :)

Looked online and they don't seem to have a hinge, but simply bending plastic open/closed. 

Doesn't appear to be the same plastic as a lock n lock, so it'd probably be broken in no time...


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