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Double logs


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This is a minor display glitch, which only happens, when you do continuous scrolling, while new logs are added at the same time. There are no actual double logs, which you can verify by reloading the entire listing after things have quieted down.


My guess is that the scrolling display just counts the number of logs already loaded. So e.g. you have 100 logs already loaded, and the next scroll down loads 10 more, from #101 to #110. But in the meantime, e.g. 3 more logs have been posted - then the former #98 will be the current #101, gets loaded again, and in the end you see three logs "doubled". No big deal, and not worth the effort to fix it ;) .

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On 11/12/2023 at 2:47 PM, monsterbox said:



I've found some double logs at the GIFF Mega GCA5DQR from yesterday. And I've seen that already at some other cache I don't remember. Not sure if it's related to the new logging workflow. But me be worth looking into it. So, here's a screenshot:



This appears to be on the Geocaching.com website (OP posted in the "Website" forum). There was a similar issue within the Official App a couple of years ago (link in a post above).  It seemed to occur when the App was loading more logs while scrolling.  The duplicate would be the same log until there was a new posted log, at which point the duplicate shifted to an adjacent log.


In which web browser do you see this effect?  What did you do that seemed to cause it (scrolling fast, scrolling several pages, for example)?  Does the effect disappear and reappear?  Is it consistently duplicating the same log(s)?

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54 minutes ago, Pontiac_CZ said:

there should definitely be an effort invested to fix it.




In the case of a log I have posted, the problem with duplicates is that I may "delete the extra one" without realizing I'm deleting "both of them".  The extras being just echoes of the same genuine single log. 


I hope I can mention a glitch even if it's not important, and regardless of whether HQ would address it.  If it's confusing to me, it's confusing to others.

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