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Error 500 on seek sites


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3 hours ago, HHL said:


My start page (web bookmark) was a local "seek" result, and I also had Error 500 today.  So I've switched it to the New Search.

Is the old search gone now?  I greatly preferred its nice, compact presentation of the data.

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9 hours ago, bon scott said:

https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=bon scott

was by far the most accessed page by me on the web site. I used it for not only seeing the date I found particular caches but also the last date those caches were found by others.

Same here! I love looking back at the list of my finds and seeing when others log it. Or looking at a list of a friend's finds to see what they have been up to and when I found a cache they did

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Och Groundspeak...
Müsst ihr immer alles verschlimmbessern?

Erst funktioniert seit vielen Monaten die Vor Ort-Suche nicht mehr, wenn mit anderen Orten als Zentrum gesucht werden soll.

Nun läuft gar nix mehr mit https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=
Es gibt immer noch viele Leute, die loggen lieber online am PC und nicht über App, und die mögen lieber Seiten, wo in 20er-Gruppen alles ordentlich strukturiert ist. Diese Endlos-Oberfläche ist total unübersichtlich und ich mag die überhaupt nicht.

Gebt bitte die alten Funktionen wieder frei!


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13 hours ago, SnowstormMK said:

This issue has been fixed, please let us know if you are still experiencing the error.

Thank you.

I really hope Groundspeak understands what a significant number of users like about this old "experience" and take it into account in further developing new "experiences" before shutting it down for good.

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3 hours ago, StephenStark said:

Labs.geocacing.com still result in error500 for me.

That's a different issue and NOT part of this thread (IE: off topic*)

* Even for Stockholmare and people who do log archived Virtual caches as a found. :ph34r:

Edited by HHL
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