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Non playable AdventureLabs


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1 hour ago, HHL said:

From my point of view an AdLab should have at least one location to be playable. AdLabs with zero locations are not playable at all.

This is one: https://labs.geocaching.com/goto/f359a1f7-d3d2-4538-ad93-8ccdaf7d15ac that should be retracted.

The CO probably just switched the status inadvertently to "Public" before adding the locations. Or maybe not so inadvertently - when you start building an AL, it says "Visibility:Must be set to Public" from the very beginning, which might confuse an ALO newbie:



Anyway, with very few lines of code, Groundspeak's web devs could just disable the Visibility dropdown until at least one location is defined ;) .


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