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Dodgy David makes the ton !

Tim & June
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I'd like to thank the producer, my director, my lighting cameraman.....


Seriously the people I'd really like to thank are all those who have laid caches for me to find, without you......


I bought my GPSr in the days after my Dad died. I needed something, I'd found references to Geocaching before and thought "Yes, that sounds like my cup of tea....", so I did it.


Favourite site.


One I didn't find!!!


Fossil Transfer.....but then it is in Monsal Dale and that place is special.


Most Fun.


Cluedo series which was a hectic day out for many reasons including needing to meet a train at Sunningdale and then returning to climb High Curley for the second time in 90 minutes.


Tomb Raider 1.


When we all went caching together.


Best scenery.


Too many. The caches near the trout streams in Hampshire. The ones in my gorgeus Peak District.


Best Container.


Go and find Hey Diddle Diddle!!!!




Well I ain't Dan and Pid and I seek neither golf courses or homicidal farmers in the wee small hours.


But, I am 56, overweight, overstressed, hypertensive and so forth. On a hot lunchtime in late July I went after "Don't go at midnight."


Those of you who know it will recognise this.


I went into the "tunnel", found the location and then started back. I could not read the backtrack on the GPSr 'cos my eyes were full of stinging sweat, I got completey lost in the terrain and had to resort to;


"Isobel, shout to me, I'm lost, if you want to see me alive again let me hear your voice to find you!"


There was a suitable silence and then;


"This way."


Postie asks how quick the next hundred?


More slowly I think.


In the pub at lunchtime, talking to terribletwos, I half decided to give seeking a rest for a bit, and get the gear together to go hiding.


If we all hid one for every two we found then there'd be lots more for others to find, apart from which the UK would rapidly become a mosaic of Tupperware boxes!!!!!


2000hrs tomorrow Dan & Pid, and it ain't over yet!


Get your drinking shirts on.


LOL and thanx to all,






I'm NOT lost, I know exactly where I am, I'm here!

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Mant thanks to all for their good wishes which it seems have been nmisplaced.


I have had an e-mail pointing out that I had inadvertently logged two caches twice, SP6 and Rainbow Orange. I have now deleted the offending logs and am, of course back to 98.


I'll get back there as quick as I can.


I feel mortified.........aaaarrgghhh




I'm NOT lost, I know exactly where I am, I'm here!

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Only 98 - what sort of haul is that? Call yourself a cacher indeed.


Oh what the hell - from one (slightly) overweight 50+ year old beer lover to another, very well done on a record setting ton (well it will be very soon I'm sure).


Good on yer!






It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Well i can't offer felicitations yet as i checked your profile, and its still only 99...

What are you waiting for get out and find that 100th


also i like the 1 per 2 idea does this mean we can expect 32 new caches in the near futureicon_smile.gif


seriously i think 1 per 5 is a more realistic target., thats what we are aiming for.


Tech-no notice

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Don't ask me why I'm reading this thread, sitting here in sunny southern California...


Oh well, right, I'm avoiding work...


But you guys sound like you're having a hell of a time and it makes me want to get back to England. Lived in Maidenhead and Henley... but that was BG.


Hmm. Okay. I'll start checking the frequent flier miles...



"One should never begin a journey by heading in the wrong direction."

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Congratulations on breaking the 100 caches. I was waiting for confirmation of the 100 but didn't spot it due to the new rule with the cache numbers!!!


I see you have been away from the south - I liked "Dumbledoors retreat" but had a long walk as I parked in the wrong place! You can't tell from Autoroute that the road is actually a track.


The next 100 takes a little more effort and alot more petrol (diesel)!!



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