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A Thankless Task...?

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This is actually the first topic I've started, and of course it is closely related to current issues.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all admins, especially those that feel they can do no more and are resigning.


Being an admin of any sort is indeed a thankless task, so lets change that here and simply say thankyou. All of you members of the silent majority, please stand up and show your appreciation. And the more vociferous ones too.


There is no need to offer an opinion on this thread: there are plenty of other threads for that. Just a simple message of appreciation will suffice here.

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'Admin'. Some people will love you and some not. Its the way of life. It seems no matter how much effort, how much time, how much 'whatever' the liklyhood of thanks is remote. But when people have negative ideas well you are gonna hear about that real quick.


Sorry to hear of people leaving, sorry in fact the way things are going.





P.S. No doubt though it will sort itself out.




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Originally posted by Daisy&me:

A big _thankyou_ from us too.


As far as I can see all this trouble was caused by posts from 2 cachers who have hidden a grand total of _one cache_ between.

Actually I have 4. I have temporarly disabled them pending what happens next.


Statistics show that those with the most birthdays live longest.

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A massive Thank You to all the admins for their work on approving caches and (certainly on the part of those I've visited) placing excellent ones.


I am really glad to have geocaching as my hobby, and am even more pleased that it is just that, a hobby. Almost everything else in my life I'm involved in the running, rather than the participation of (eg school PTA, Cubs, village fete) and I'm determined to keep geocaching as just a hobby even though my gut instinct is to offer help. I am therefore eternally grateful to the admins for all the work they do.


Unless you've done a voluntary job like this you don't appreciate the work involved to keep everything running smoothly. Thanks again - all of you




Don't you think that sooner or later someone will notice that its a mobile phone not a GPS your using???

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Not having read these forums since Saturday it seems we have missed rather a lot to put it mildly! (We also now understand why a cache we placed Sunday has yet to be approved - our previous caches had been approved within hours of submission).


Our thanks go to the 'retiring' mods, your efforts WERE appreciated and you will be/are already missed. We'd like to add our voice to the call for you all to reconsider.


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crew. n. group of people.

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Although I have thanked both retiring mods in their respective threads I am not averse to including my thanks again here. I have no problem with anyone seeing that I approve of the work that our moderators and admins do and have done.


Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.

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The Moderators (Raises glass and chinks)


I have had the pleasure of seeing Tim's well measured and even handed approach to problems encountered by me on one particular cache.


Let us all hope that subsequant Mods are as dedicated and good humoured as T&J, Richard & Beth and Moss da boss. icon_frown.gif


I woke this morning and my boat was not rocking...for one horrid moment I thought I lived in a house!

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Hopefully in the cold light of day and as the dust settles then hasty decisions made might be reconsidered.


Whether or not that happens I would like to join everyone in the vote of thanks to the moderators and cache approvers for the good work that they have done in the past.





Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout.....

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Just wanted to add my sincere thanks to our moderators too - Thanks


I've not been in the game long and rarely post on the forums. I have very much appreciated the help and advice I've received from here, and am full of admiration for all those who've put in so much of their own time, work and effort.

It is a sad day for our hobby that it's come to this. Aren't we all here to hunt lunchboxes? That seems to have been somewhat forgotten of late...


I'll get me coat

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Must add another big THANK YOU from Team Tate. The times that we have met some of the moderators, we have found them extremely friendly, helpful & generally nice people to know. I am saddened by the news, but can totally understand their decisions. This is our hobby, can't we all just enjoy it together?

Sarah x


Team Tate


Remember - if it's moving, it's not dead...

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Thanks to all you x-Admins! I do not blame you for your actions one bit. There is only so much BS a hard-working admin can take.


I wondered when people were going to start archiving their caches in protest. I seem to remeber that being used as a weapon in previous disputes.


Forums are not good places to sort out problems like this.






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Originally posted by Lassitude:

Thanks to all you x-Admins! I do not blame you for your actions one bit. There is only so much BS a hard-working admin can take.


I wondered when people were going to start archiving their caches in protest. I seem to remeber that being used as a weapon in previous disputes.

Temporarily disabled That's not archived and read back into the threads and see how many times threatning to resign has been used as a weapon.


I don't think 4 caches, one of which was logged today, will make a great deal of difference to the grand scheme of things.


If you put your hand in a bucket of water and pull it out, the hole that remains is a measure of how indispensible you really are.

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