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oregon 550 compatible with garmin express


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1 hour ago, dahollander said:

looking to purchase a used garmin  oregon 550 but not sure if it is compatable with Garmin express, or if it is worth  buying at all.

Hope to hear what others have to say.


Yes, you should be able to set it up for Garmin Express, to use the web site's "Send To Garmin" feature, and to get software updates (if any).  It's convenient, but I almost always manually delete and add GPX files instead.  Just look at all the posts around here for "Send To Garmin doesn't work", and you'll understand why a more direct process is better.


The 550 has nice readability in full sun.  If it's cloudy and dark, I often left the backlight on, to make the screen easier to see.  The 550 is a little slower and has fewer features than the more modern models.  But I've kept mine even after upgrading.  It's perfectly good for Geocaching.  You can customize and personalize it just the way you like.


Will you be able to test it before purchase?  The USB connector is secured mainly by solder to the circuit board, and can fail.  It's good to ensure it can connect to a PC.


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1 hour ago, dahollander said:

Thanks for the information. Not sure what you mean by manually deleting  and add GPX files instead . Can you dowload the 

GPX files directly to the device?


Yes, placing files directly is an option.  Plug it into USB, and it becomes a USB drive.  Navigate to [Drive:]/Garmin/GPX, and remove any obsolete files, copy new GPX files.


Bunch of info on using Garmin Oregon GPSs is here:

https://www.gpsrchive.com/Oregon x00/index.htm

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I just updated my Oregon 550 a couple of weeks ago. No problems using Garmin Express. That software is pretty much mature so updates would be minimal. I have been generally pleased with my 550. Also had a 450 which was ok but I found I wanted a camera more than I thought I would so I gave it away and use either the 550 or my 750T.


On the 450 and the 550 fur sure, the rubber on off button can wear severely to the point of possibly leaking or cracking and wearing away completely. I accidentally found a makeshift replacement part on ebay. Kinda pricey, over $25 but it does work with the right glue. I think the one I bought  came out of Russia so it can take a while to arrive. I think it is from a 3D printer but that doesn't seem to be a problem.


Also thanks for the reference link to Oregon gps. I have not seen that one.


cache happy


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