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do you need to trade for trackables


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Trackables are not trade items, so there's no trading required.  You may retrieve as many as you can properly handle.  You may instead do a "Discover" log and leave it in its cache, unless you're sure you can place it promptly.


Log it, then place it into a suitable cache (or respect the trackables' goals).




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5 hours ago, calvin400 said:

I want to find a trackable but do I need to trade for it like swag?


Nope.  Trackables aren't swag.  You Retrieve it and Drop it off elsewhere, or simply Discover it to show the Owner it's still in play, and where.

 - Some have more complex "goals"...

The rare time we see a CO make mention of exchanging Trackables not his (I guess for appearance of being busy...), I grab whatever's in there.

Pretty-much all you need to know about Trackables.   :)



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