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Downloading caches to my GPS


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4 minutes ago, Jayeffel said:

I wish I could, I used to download coordinates to my Garmin Etrex and either I forgot how or that function is not now there.If I remember I would plug the Etrex into the computer and when selecting a cache there was a  button "download to Garmin" 


That functionality disappeared many years ago when browsers stopped supporting the underlying API it used. There are a couple of ways to do it. The most direct is to download the GPX file from the link near the top of the cache page, then copy that to the Garmin\GPX folder on your device. Alternatively, if you're a premium member and have Garmin Express installed on your computer, you can put the cache in a list and use the Send to Garmin icon in the list's menu bar:



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1 hour ago, Spacey56 said:

I am trying to download a certain Geocache to my GPS units. It works just fine with my Garmin GPS65, but the same cache will not load to my Garmin Montana 700. I can't figure out why, can someone shed some light on this for me?


Is the Montana appearing as a USB drive?  If so, what's the error message when you try to move a file?


If there are no apparent errors, have you checked if the file itself is missing from the Montana?  It may be that it arrived just fine, but there's a filter set on the GPS that hides the cache.  Also, if the cache is 60 miles or more away from the Garmin's current location (especially if the Garmin has not yet aligned to its actual location), the cache will not automatically be listed.


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35 minutes ago, Spacey56 said:

I have'nt seen any error notifications and when I'm down loading, I'm plugged in via USB and I'm loading multiple caches from a list. All other caches work just fine except that one. I'll try it again and see if it is being filtered out.


The other thing that can cause this on Garmins is if the cache name starts with an emoji.

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So far I have had no problem loading a single cache onto my Garmin. I just click on Download GPX and navigate to the correct file on the Garmin to put it there.


11 minutes ago, barefootjeff said:

The other thing that can cause this on Garmins is if the cache name starts with an emoji.

Yes, that's the other 'thing'. The file will be there on the Garmin, but nameless, so you can't do a word search for it. Some people just don't want everyone to be able to find their cache :rolleyes:.

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