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SideTracked 15h Anniversary Geocoins


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Primality a UK series of Geocaches, although we are expanding into other countries; the SideTracked Series celebrated its 15 Anniversary in 2022, and a fellow cacher (stuarthowe11) created some fantastic geocoins to celebrate this.  We've still got a few left if anyone is interested in getting their hands on one of these special geocoins.


The geocoins features pivoting upper quadrant semaphore signals, just like the real one seen line side in the UK, although these are now sadly declining in favour of modern colour light signals.


On the front of the geocoin is a full colour countryside scene showing an old fashioned railway crossing gate,  a signal box and LNER Class A4 4468 – Mallard, an iconic steam engine built in 1938 which holds the world speed record for the fastest steam train, clocking up 126mph!


On the rear of the coin, which is largely embossed in an antique silver finish, HST unit number 253004 is appearing from a Wiltshire box tunnel, designed by engineering genius Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  The tracking number can be found on the rear of the semaphore signal arm.


There's 4 different finishes, and coins are available as a bulk set of 4 (£40) or £11 each with international delivery available or invidually. 


More info here: https://sidetrackedseries.info/shop/product-category/trackables/15th-anniversary/


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