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The Northumbrian hits the 200

Walker Dan

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Good on yer 3!


Well done and welcome to the very exclusive 200 club. On the day I find my first Northumbrian cache as well.


Looking forward to seeing you down south one day.




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Well we turn our backs for a couple of hours and the next thing we know someone else has reached the big 200.


Well done Northumbrian & Mrs. Northumbrian, now its your turn to make the speech....


Tim & June (Winchester)


See June, I told you that sign which said 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles' was wrong ! icon_smile.gif

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well what can a person say to all those kind words from you all? Then again that's the sort of thing that this hobby is all about and Why we do it, I dont mean getting congratulations, but the the sort of down to earth people who are called

Geocachers and that do their best to help fellow cachers with tips and pass on Their experiences.

I have enjoyed going to all of the caches, even the ones I havn't found, and met a lot of you at the GYCH, who made for very good drinking partners

my 4 most memorable caches are Reivers revenge by Moss, this took us on a 7 mile round trip and past herds of wild Northumbrian goats up in the Cheviot hills, Then back in the spring walking trough the scenery and abundance of wild flowers to visit Hareshaw linn waterfall by Walker dan, I used to go to boarding school 2 miles from here and that gave me the chance to come back to the area and think back over the times we used sneak out of the dormitiory after lights out and make our way to the off licence at one of the local pubs for beer and backy, then sneak up to the girl's dormitory for a party," Wish I was back at school" Great dib by pAGE 28 had fantastic views over the yorshire town of Otley, Round turn and two half hitches by The cat, took us up a death trap raod which I had benn on a few times before but had never seen the Ravens flying around on previous occasions, as for the worst, I dont think there were any, Mind you I failed at Emmerdale and Marg Got bitten off a spider and her leg came right up, so that was probably the only one which was a bit let down, but then we did get to have a pint in the Woolpack.

I wont say any more as this dragging on a bit and some of you will be yawning by now, Best wishes to you all and may your gps be with you icon_rolleyes.gif

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