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Meeting other cachers in the field?

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Having been out on several caching trips during our short caching career we have never knowingly come across fellow cachers - until today! During a maintenance visit to one of our own caches we bumped into a team hunting it. icon_smile.gif


As we've found 50 caches to date we had quite expected to come across other cachers during our hunts but this has not happened.


Now the question for you cachers out there ....


How long was it before you came across a fellow caching team durng one of your caching trips?


motley. adj. varied in appearance or character.

crew. n. group of people.


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I had the consummate pleasure of meeting Dan Wilson on my second caching ttrip ever, which was also my first with my own GPSr. We were hunting the (then) new cache "crossroads at the reservoir". There are in fact four paths you can use to access it (the crossroads....) and Me and my mate came along one and he and his crew came along a different one. We only met at the last minute, so then it was a race to see who found the thing first, since inside was a special rare coin for whoever was First Finder.


<diffident superiority ON>

..of course, the record shows which of us found it first and claimed the prize.. icon_biggrin.gif

<diffident superiority OFF>


Anyway, he was the first "other" cacher I had met (apart from Huga and Nickers who got me into this crazy game... )


Thoroughly nice chap, too, I thought.


No trees were harmed during the production of this posting, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced....

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It was doing my 101st cache ‘The Travel Bug Clink’ that I met another cacher for the first time... Pid. If you’ve done this cache, you’ll understand why icon_wink.gif.

I met T & J while doing a maintenance check on one of my caches at Great Offley some 50 or so caches later and a week after that I briefly bumped into ‘The Cookie Crew’ at ‘SP9’

In two hundred and twenty odd caches, I can’t remember any other meetings that weren’t pre-arranged.

Strange, when you think about it, as most of my caching is done at weekends (and during daylight hours) so I would have expected to meet a few more.

I wonder if people are deliberately avoiding me...




Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and ability.

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The only other cacher I have met whilst caching was Lazy Leopard whilst doing The Tomb Raider series, my 16th find.


I have approached a few people on other finds who are "acting suspiciously" in case we were all being wary but none have admitted to being geocachers. icon_wink.gif


Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.

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In 129 finds i have only met 3 (non prearraged) cachers!

trhe first coming at Dumbledores retreat, here i met "Dave and Judy", then in Belguim of all places i met "Blacklord" at sunnyspot (a must cache for anyone on holiday) and then finally yesturday i met "The Bennett family (minue one child)" at ribbesford wood.


Its always chance, you never know when you are going to meet someone!

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I found my first cache on 16 March and met my first cacher about 10 caches later (23 March) at 'Go Wild on the Moor'. Then I met Subarite and dodgydaved at 'Obviously Built Early..' and Tim & June yesterday at 'Butlers Copse'. That's 4 meetings out of 42 caches - not bad at all!


Always nice to meet a fellow enthusiast icon_smile.gif


I'll get me coat

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I ‘met’ an infamous cacher at ‘Tunnel’s mouth’. We were at the cache and saw another group approaching, when they saw us they stopped and turned around. When we later passed on the trail we gave a sort of nod to each other. I didn’t know who it was at the time, although I thought I recognised the face. Some time later a comment was made on the cache page and my memory was jogged. Now I wonder if I should have asked for an autograph.


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Perhaps we’ve just been lucky? Met Ninestar on our second ever cache on Brownsea Island. We’re a bit slow down here so after 9 months we’re still only at 28 found – nevertheless we met our second cacher RcwIow at Old Sarum over Easter weekend. I have also been known to convince myself that innocent muggles out on an walk are specific cachers and stop them to ask are you …? Don’t try this at home – unless you like the taste of egg on face! icon_redface.gif


- Stephen


"Are we nearly there yet?"

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I've met only a few fellow cachers: the Wilkinsons at The Old Brickworks then again at The Ivy League; Green Bananas at An Island in the New Forest; walked past Trellis at North Wind without realising til he'd gone; Team Blitz at McToy (now there's a suprise icon_wink.gif ) and I also met the Questers at Walking on Water II. This last one was funny, cos the Questers had taken the cache away to quiet spot to fill in the log cos I kept walking past waiting for them to go so I could find it (I thought they were Muggles just admiring the view!)... so once they'd gone I sat down with my sister right next to the cache location to decipher the clue, because obviously we couldn't find the cache... About 10 minutes later the Questers returned and explained that I had put them in an awkward position by being where I was and started explaining about Geoocaching to me... D'OH!!

As soon as they said the magic G-word I hastily introduced myself and gave them a couple of hints for a cache they'd got stuck on (one of my own before anyone accuses me of being a spoiler!) icon_biggrin.gif

I'm looking forward to the Winchester meet 'cos then I get to cache up with all of you!


Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus pro glace lactis.

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I've done over 60 caches now and never met anyone. I used to think that everyone else was probably caching but was too shy to approach them!

I thought I'd seen Ann and Brian at Goodwood Circuit at the weekend as there were a couple with a piece of paper noting down facts from the virtual but we'd missed each other by about 1.5 hrs. Still don't know who the couple were as noone has logged the cache since. I'm now convinced that I won't ever meet anyone, probably mainly due to the perculiar time I cache (mainly early afternoon on weekdays!)




Don't you think that sooner or later someone will notice that its a mobile phone not a GPS your using???

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Strange, when you think about it, as most of my caching is done at weekends (and during daylight hours) so I would have expected to meet a few more.



That's what we thought too as we mainly cache at weekends during daylight hours. The closest we've knowingly come to meeting anyone whilst on a hunting trip was at East Wind where we missed Woodsmoke by 30 mins. We were doing the Wind series of caches in the order West, North, East, South and it appears Woodsmoke was doing it in the opposite direction! We probably passed each other on the road somewhere between East Wind & North Wind.


motley. adj. varied in appearance or character.

crew. n. group of people.

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I was doing "Major Oak " cache in sherwood forest and noticed some suspisious caracters hanging about i walked away from the area of the cache as i hadn't yet found it but i was close i just wandered about for a cou[ple of minutes. Then i noticed that they had got a couple of magellan gps and i realised that they wre on the hunt for the same cache so i got back to work while they hung around in the wings while i filled the log in etc. I dont know who they were because i forgot to ask and they havn't logged a find or otherwise yet. That was easter Sunday. If they could let me know who they are that would be nice. And thats after only 7 caches.


Bounty Hunter1 icon_wink.gif


Strangers are only friends you have not met yet

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We have seen three other groups of Cachers, at weekends. These were the Wilkinsons at Southampton Water Large, just to wave to, Woodsmmoke at his Monumental Quest and JAMD at Up The Creek. Narrowly missed Liz Codd on Friday and Saturday, we think it's bound to happen sometime. Did wish Good Luck to some that I thought were Geocachers on Saturday but they never logged in at Towpath Tootle icon_biggrin.gif

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In the first hundred we met 5 groups ie Jules at "Belvoir Lodge", djh at "One Foot in the Downs", Doomslayer at "Fish and Coffee" (his old front garden), Gary and Jane at "Down to the Wood" Tim & June at "Navvies Rest" (and narrowly missed el10t and jeremyp).


In the subsequent hundred we've only met The Cat at Chippenham Service Station (on the Fox hunt!), but we did see Tuskies leaving "Riverside Walk", and met Tim and June and (separately) Huga at one of our own caches.


It's always really good to meet other cachers "in the wood" (rarely in the field).



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You know, this could become another "sport".


We already have geocaching and trigpointing, perhaps we could now start "geocachering" whereby we log the geocachers we meet whilst geocaching.


I am sure the statisticians amongst us, (el10t, jeremyp), could calculate the odds of meeting another cacher by his caches found/hidden/location etc and generate a points scoring system.


What does anybody think??

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Well, we NEARLY met Bracken's Bunch this weekend: they left a note on our car (they spotted the 2 geocaching-related stickers)... we must have been less than 30 mins behind them!




PS: just placed a new cache today (well, I guess it was actually YESTERDAY), which contains a little something special for TimP... I'll let him tell you what when he finds it!!!! I hope you like it, Tim!


My wife uses a cache box to take her sandwiches to work... how odd!

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I remember some time last year heading for a cache and seeing another couple looking a bit furtive (as I was) until we came out with it - "are we looking for the same thing?". HarryPotter had not got their GPS with them and so I ended up finding the spot and they the box - a joint find. Apart from that I know I passed the cache owner coming away from Bosworth Field but didn't realize it till later.

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It's happened to me once in <checks own profile and adds two for the ones he hasn't logged yet> 42 caches. I ran into nimrag at Hike or Bike - it was a gloriously sunny Sunday, and the cache had only been placed that week, so I guess the odds of someone else doing it that day were quite high. Apparently Chris n Maria were going to do it too, but injury prevented them - otherwise I reckon we'd have broken the UK cachers-bumping-into-one-another record!


What's your favourite thing?

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Dan and Me when together met 2 in one day!


First were the parents of Christianna doing a maintenaice check. Second was CaptainD-


Then there are all the people that have done Travel Bug Clink icon_smile.gif


....We also showed up at DopdgyDaveds gaff and moved his wheely bin for him but he was slurping ale down his local. Charming!


...would have probably met more if you all didnt sleep so much. icon_biggrin.gif



I'm Bad, I'm Bad you know it you know! mikejackson1-vi.gif



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I bumped into June and Rincewind while I was going out to the supermarket one day.


They were walking round in circles with yellow etrex's and cache sheets doing my Solent View.


I have to admit, if I had not known what they were up to it would have looked most perculiar. (The first part is in the middle of a town and there were muggles everywhere.)


Tim and luggage stayed in the car as it was illegally parked.


I woke this morning and my boat was not rocking...for one horrid moment I thought I lived in a house!

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Well I have done over 200 caches and the only time I met another team was when T&J 'ambushed' me at one of theirs. I had spoken to Tim on the phone that day and said I was off to this particular cache next and he decided to set a trap. The only problem was I cocked up the final cache location and took ages to find it so he (and June) had to sit around for quite a long time icon_wink.gif.


I saw the car of the aforementioned infamous cacher whilst doing a cache near Ascot. All I remember was his Mercs numberplate was GPS somthing.


In my opinion both of these incidents do not count as a chance meeting so I can honestly say that I am pretty sure I have done the most (Over 200) caches without being seen. Furtive or what?


I am not counting caches at meetings. For goodness sakes you are bound to meet somebody on those!






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As detailed in another thread, today I had returned to my car, after setting a special cache trail for the scouts (same location as where one of my caches is placed) and bumped into esscafe in the car park! Even more exciting was that it was their 100th!




My wife uses a cache box to take her sandwiches to work... how odd!

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....We also showed up at DopdgyDaveds gaff and moved his wheely bin for him but he was slurping ale down his local. Charming!



.....and at any time between 2000 and 2300 (or so) on a Monday where else would I have been???????




I'm NOT lost, I know exactly where I am, I'm here!

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Perhaps luckily for all, the team which makes up Rockratgirl (2 dodgy looking adults, a child & 2 very strange dogs), have never bumped into anyone else.


We have seen Geocaching "suspects" but never said anything. If anyone ever sees us - please feel free to say hello! Despite all the evidence to the contrary, none of us bite!


~ Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own Canoe ~


~ We can't run away for ever ... but theres nothing wrong with getting a good head start ~

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