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Synching of Message Center between webb and app


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I said it before and I say it again. Why isn't the Message Center synched between all my devices? I read all the messages on my PC then I have to do it again and again on iPhone, tablet and so on.

Please fix.

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I don't seem to have this issue?!?  Just got a message in the message center, saw it on the phone.  Opened it, read it, someone with a question about a cache I had found a few years ago... so I looked up the GC code onthe computer, replied to the question on the phone.  


Going back to the computer, no new messages showing, and my conversation is showing, as it does on my phone, as read on the computer too.  The two seem to be in sync.


Chrome Browser on Windows 11 latest versions, Android 13, Pixel 4a, Official app v. 9.35.1


Update - was out running errands, got another message, read it on my phone in the message center.  Got home, checked the website and the message is showing as read in the message center on the computer.  Seems to be synced...or am I misunderstanding the issue?

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