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where's in a name at S35 27.5


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Here in South America, S35 27.5

only cuts through Chile and

Argentina here in South America (it

just barely misses Uruguay).


W 35 27.5 , however, goes over quite

a bit of brazilian territory.


From my maps it looks like you will want

to contact someone from the brazilian

districts of Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba,

Pernambuco or Alagoas.


As documented in http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/3423/coordenadas.htm


it just happens that a few northeastern district

capital cities are close to this meridian.


Natal is only about 14 Km from it, and the

cities of Macaiba, Ceara-Mirim and Sao Goncalo

do Amarante (also on the district of Rio Grande

do Norte) are closer yet.


I hope this helps.

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Mikes my name I'm from Morphett Vale in South Australia.


I too am currently working on the "Wheres in a name?" cache.


Good news! I have the co-ordinates and photos to help complete this cache!


Please contact me at trdefender@iprimus.com.au and we can complete this one!



Mike (Team Raider)

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