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Beach Comber Meets Geo Cacher


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I was on a hike the other day in a beautiful area by where I live, an open expanse of tidal marsh lands with a network of pathways on raised levies. I went off path to check out a pile of rocks displaying interesting mineral features when I saw an out of place piece of driftwood. I picked it up to notice a cavity on the underside in which was placed a small Altoid box further held in place with a large mail running across the top. At the time I did not know what to make of it, so I open the container to find a rolled-up list of entries the last dating 04_01_2017and then realized what i had found. I heard of geocaching before but did not put one and one together with the initial find. This was a fun experience and has motivated me to start searching for more Geocaches.

20230830_125540 resize.jpg

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