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hospital stay

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We certainly hope for your full recovery and a return to geocaching.  We would wish the same for ourselves.


But as limitations come to us we can still be involved but possibly at a different level.  Long hikes may be out but hosting an event around a table in a park may be very much within the scope of our limitations. 

Best wishes.

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3 hours ago, Justin Of Terrytown said:

But was it weird that one of my concerns was "Will I make a full recovery?  Will I still be able to do my hobbies such as Geocaching in the future?".


No. Your hobbies help make your life worthwhile. If you survived but could no longer partake in the activities that used to bring you joy was survival actually worthwhile?

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14 hours ago, Smitherington said:

Hobbies do help make life worthwhile. But if I can no longer participate in a particular one then I modify my participation or find something else. I don’t just quit.  I may have to go in a whole new direction but life can still be very worthwhile. 


OP said "hobbies such as Geocaching" implying concern for other hobbies as well.

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I hope you are doing better.  I spent a couple of months in the hospital and the first thing I asked my doctor once I started to recover was if losing part of my lungs would affect hiking and kayaking.  I started to get back into the game as part of rehab, so I hope you found it useful for that as well.  

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On 8/29/2023 at 6:53 PM, Justin Of Terrytown said:

Last month, I had to spend five days in the hospital due to pneumonia.  I am doing better now (I still have a cough but the doctors believe I am in the recovery mode).  

But was it weird that one of my concerns was "Will I make a full recovery?  Will I still be able to do my hobbies such as Geocaching in the future?".


All that is based on your condition before the event, and what you're doing now to make yourself better.   Not weird at all... :)

Two knees (1 medial meniscus, the other lateral meniscus and Trochlear groove), shattered coccyx, one "small" heart attack, and three different cancers later (ended chemo, just starting BCG treatments now...), and a paaarrrtridge in a pear tree...

I still want and intend to cache, and do it when I can.  I went on a good walk just before starting treatments (solo too), but pouring rain cut me short.

Got a cache on National Geocaching Day too. Not sure about an Earthcache...

The point is... Get outside.  It's good for you.  Archery's out for me, but I know where the state set one heck of a lotta pheasant loose.

The big browns are running up their spawning creeks already, and my fly rod's ready to go.  Anything to get outta the house.     :laughing:

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