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AdventureLab guidelines

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Dear geocaching team!

We are passionate geocachers and have laid out numerous geocaches. Also
we love playing Adventurelabs and are big fans of it.

Unfortunately, our newly created adventure lab has just been blocked because we don't meet the guidelines
have and about these very guidelines, we would like to talk to you. Of course
a game also needs rules, but the fun of the game must not be reduced by this.
Adventure-Lab's would offer a very good opportunity to work indoors when it's cold and raining
play. In winter, the cold and the snow limit our activities considerably and adventure
Labs are no exception for us. Even in winter, finding Lab's is a hassle, though
this game would have a lot of potential for interiors if it weren't for the guidelines. Straight
in bad weather or in cold snowy seasons it is always a problem for our hobby
live out Even if you want to entertain children in a playful way, you are through the guidelines
hands tied.
We live in Austria and in Austria you pay an entrance fee almost everywhere if you
want to experience something indoors. Thus, with us such possibilities are extremely limited,
to play indoors. With us you pay entrance fees almost everywhere and they fit
guidelines are no longer related to the circumstances in Austria. So for us it is very
Difficult to create a creative, fun and adventurous indoor LAB or
to be able to play.
As soon as you pursue a hobby with passion, it is always associated with costs. be it one
Equipment (GPS device), parking fees or the journey. There are always costs. Every player
can ultimately decide for himself whether to enter a museum or a zoo
wants to afford.
For us, this game loses a lot with the policy that a lab can't cost anything
Potential. Because special places are always associated with entrance fees. We personally find it
boring playing an adventure lab in a mall. You can neither learn anything,
discover something else exciting and go geocaching with children in an inlet center
anything but funny, educational or exciting.
You tout endless possibilities, this may be the case in the US. We are in Austria
unfortunately very limited in terms of free indoor activities. If the guidelines
were relaxed, weather problems would be solved for us. This would make the fun of the game clear
expand and sights, museums, adventure playgrounds, animal parks,
fairgrounds, to be experienced. The fun would be expanded by a multiple and a lot
more exciting. It would be one not only for us adults, but also for the children
Motivation to pay a visit to a museum. Since we almost exclusively go there, where
there is a geocache or a lab.
We look forward to feedback from you. We would be all the more pleased if our
Lab: "The House of Nature" (Salzburg, Austria) would be unlocked again. But still
it would be better if the space to play would be expanded.

Best regards
BA_huntress (Melanie)
Chitto (Daniela)
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