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what are your thoughts ?


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Hello ,

viewing e-bay , I found a TB, I looked in to it as the sell had the tracking code on display ?

the coin has been activated , owned by a cacher and not the seller . this was clear as to the wording of the add .

if they'd been the TB owner who was looking to sell it it would have mentioned ( this coin is adoptable ) 


I have communicated with the seller , who says he bought the coin's in a junk shop .


Question ,


are the coins now his to re-sale on line 


or do they still belong to the T.O ? 

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following good communication with the seller , He's now taken the listings down , he's sent the T.O a message , but the T.O hasn't been active for years , who knows they might respond , he'll give it a week and the he says he'll put the TB's ( four ) in a cache locale to him ,


Fingers Cross these T.B's  will be back in the game soon  for everyone to move and enjoy .

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