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what are your thoughts ?


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Hello ,

viewing e-bay , I found a TB, I looked in to it as the sell had the tracking code on display ?

the coin has been activated , owned by a cacher and not the seller . this was clear as to the wording of the add .

if they'd been the TB owner who was looking to sell it it would have mentioned ( this coin is adoptable ) 


I have communicated with the seller , who says he bought the coin's in a junk shop .


Question ,


are the coins now his to re-sale on line 


or do they still belong to the T.O ? 

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following good communication with the seller , He's now taken the listings down , he's sent the T.O a message , but the T.O hasn't been active for years , who knows they might respond , he'll give it a week and the he says he'll put the TB's ( four ) in a cache locale to him ,


Fingers Cross these T.B's  will be back in the game soon  for everyone to move and enjoy .

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This happens more often than folks realize.   Those thought to be hoarders might just be thieves instead.

The "treasure" in this "online treasure hunt"...

We saw dozens of promotion Michelin man tire gauge trackables hit an online site. Some unactivated so that's a dose of reality...

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TBs and geocoins do end up in places like junk shops and car boot sales occasionally, and sometimes get bought by cachers just to put them back into circulation. Here's hoping the ebayer does the right thing and places them in a cache.

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