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Guest Peter Scholtz

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Guest Peter Scholtz

As of today there are six geocaches in South Africa:


Date Listed Cache Name Difficulty/Terrain


4/29/01 Geocache by child & Ana 2/3


4/28/01 "Table Mountain" by Peter Scholtz 2/2


4/21/01 "Cape Agulhas" by Peter Scholtz 1/1


4/16/01 "Jonkershoek" by Peter Scholtz last found 01-May-01 2/1


4/15/01 "Hangklip" by Peter Scholtz last found 01-May-01 1/1


1/18/01 "Sentinel View" by Prof Charles Merry last found 01-May-01 1.5/1.5


Tomorrow there will be an interview with Prof Charles Merry of UCT on Cape Talk radio at 13h00 (567 AM). You can listen to it online at www.capetalk.co.za





Peter Scholtz



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Guest Jors

Darem there is eleven caches in South Africa now, but wondering when it will take off again in Gauteng, after the first one was... umm... destroyed?

Looks like I'll maar have to do my thing...

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Guest Peter Scholtz

Excellent! I was in Johannesburg the past week and wanted to hide one but didn't get time. Considered going for the Gabarone one, but apparently an expensive flight ...


So we now have caches in:


1. Cape Town


2. Bloemfontein


3. Johannesburg?


I'll place one in Beaufort Wes on a Geocaching N1 trip by car to Johannesburg when it's available. Could make for a fun adventure every 400 km's ...



Peter Scholtz


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