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September Wheel of Challenges???


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7 minutes ago, geoBirder said:

What would the Friend League entail? Just going geocaching with friends? Or like that “Friend to Find (FTF challenge) that was out a few years ago?

You have to contribute some points yourself, but everyone on your friends list contributes points to a total. If you get enough points you get the souvenir.

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I wanted to try to fill my calendar grids for letterbox and multi finds, but there are so few left near home that I've skipping so many the last few months. If there's a wheel challenge requiring either of those it'll give me more incentive to go farther for it on any day I already need one

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1 hour ago, fuzziebear3 said:

These challenges do exactly what HQ says challenge caches are not allowed to do, which is to negatively influence my caching.  I end up getting 'just what I need', and saving all the rest because I feel I will need them for the next part of the challenges.



100% agree.


I also save all my nearby ECs for the yearly souvenir. 

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