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Notification problem and potential fixes


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I have experienced problems getting new cache notifications, and logs for my owned caches, and I am not sure the cause, much less how to fix it.


I have sometimes experienced this problem with lag time before, and I always thought it was due to my phone only triggering email notifications when I am logged into WiFi (not via data, out in the field). Then it seemed to change so that my phone needs to have activity on it before it would "collect" my new emails (on Gmail) and give a notification. 


Recently, I am only receiving the notification emails the day after they actually happen. I have missed a couple of local FTFs as a result of not getting new cache emails, including where I was just steps away from the new cache, an hour after the thing was published.


The problem seems to have escalated, top include even receiving no notifications when I am at home, connected to wifi, and phone is fully active.


I woke up today to see not only a bunch of new cache publications from yesterday (including the missed FTF), but also a bunch of Found logs for some of my owned caches from yesterday did not appear until this morning.   Even weirder, the appearance of the new logs on the cache webpages did not appear until some time after the notification emails arrived.


Question 1:  Do Geocaching notification problems originate with the Geocaching.com system? Or is the problem my email service (gmail account: boith linked to my phone and on desktop)?


Question 2: IS there a way to reset things so I am able to receive notifications properly? (Promptly, and also while in the field, not reliant on WiFi access.) 





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Your problem could also lie with your phone carrier.

We use ATT, and a few months ago we had problems with application notifications being delayed, sometimes for days and sometimes 'never'.


GC Message Center? Never got notifications. That created problems for me, as people would send me HELP requests from the field and I couldn't get back to them until later, when I got the message, by which time they were g-o-n-e and not likely to return to my cache. That's bad.


There were definitely problems with the GC app, AND GMail, stuff coming from another email provider, and several others.


The I-net was abuzz with the problem, and it cleared itself up eventually (or more likely, ATT 'fixed' something.)


Check around with other people you know who use the same cell carrier, and if it IS an issue, you and your friends hassle them.  Good luck.

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