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Which stats are you looking at? FTFs don't exist on any stats on geocaching.com - they do at Project-GC though.... you need to mark up your log with some code for it to add the FTF to your stats there - I use ***FTF***, you can also use a bookmark list to do similar....

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12 hours ago, Gynter said:

I had a first to find today. I have had past Ftfs that I never got credit for on my stats. Do I need to do something specific to get credit for a ftf?

Congrats on your FTF...   :)

Did you know "FTF" can be claimed by anyone finding that cache.  Did you take a pic of the log and post it with your online Found It?   

The other 2/3rds was a FTF monster, yet every once in a while, we'd see "FTF" from another and found later that the person felt they were FTF because they logged online first.

"Co" or "group" FTFs and eventually you realize everyone isn't playing the same as you. Probably why FTF isn't on our stats here.

No rules, no "credits" given, no prizes won, we finally stopped counting at 350.   

I like them simply because it's the only time you see a cache as presented by the CO.

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I don't rely on PGC for the ftf stats, I just add what I know I consider to be FTFs to a specific bookmark list. PGC can also use that as the source for FTFs.

And yeah, there's no definitive guide for FTFs and people argue over them all the time. Use your definition and just stick with it. I include shared FTFs in mine, some don't; and I have my own limit of what I would consider 'shared' as teamwork, whether I'm signing the log first or someone else. I have declined claiming shared FTF with someone when offered if I felt I was too far away or didn't contribute at all to the search, but they didn't care; some people have different standards.


"First" still means first, so there's literally a limit to what an FTF truly is, but it can also be classified - first to what? First to spot? First to solve? First to touch? First to sign? Before publication? After? yadda yadda. Decide for yourself, and if you want to avoid arguments, just describe what 'first' it is you're claiming. Done. :)

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