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GeoMonkeys en route to Durban, South Africa

Guest Artful Dodger

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Guest Artful Dodger

Ok, Ok, Shameless promotion here .... icon_biggrin.gif


I am about to unleash my 'GeoMonkeys' Travel Bugs into the Geocaching world. Each one has its own little personality and its ultimate goal...to get back to the little girl who misses and loves them very much .... tongue.gif


Dedicated to my little niece, Melissa.






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Guest warthog

I will watch these when they arrive in South Africa and then assist in forwarding them to Durban.


I am also willing to collect them from a person passing through, i.e. Johannesburg International Airport, who just wants to drop them off, and I will then place them in a cache around Johannesburg or closer to Durban.

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Guest warthog

Hi Peter,


I have seen your notes from other postings and is watching JAKE as well.


I am waiting for someone to bring it a bit closer, i.e. near Bloemfontein, etc, then I will attempt to collect it and take it into Northten Province/Mpumalanga, or anything closer to the Botswana border.


I however think it would be a good idea if it visits as many as possible different provinces within SA before departing for Botswana.


Let me have your ideas on this one.

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