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Top 20 caches in Western Cape ?

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Hi to all the geocachers in the Western Cape,


I will be visiting the Western Cape during the December School holidays and would definately not have enough time to do all the caches in the Western Cape. How about the guys from "down south" rate there caches and give me there top 20 list of caches. I would then combine each persons list and report back after 1 to 2 months on the overall list. This would give me a great idea of which caches are a definate must to visit.


I would also apreciate a list of waypoints for other interesting places to visit, i.e. Two Oceans Oceanarium, Best wine farms, etc.


In return, I will bring down a cache and hide it somewhere in the Western Cape (not Cape Peninsula, there are enough there) in return for the information.


Regards Warthog

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How would like us to rate the cache's:

On Content

On Historical Value

On Experience

On Value

On the amount of effort

On the research

On the Theme

On the Location

On the View

On the Originality

on The learning experience


I am sorry I am unable to do this, as there are so many caches and each one of them has got something unqiue.


Good Luck, you are welcome to give me an email for further info

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Hi Warthog,

We met briefly in Pretoria East last December – or rather, I saw your name on Pedro’s cache. As far as Western Cape is concerned, yes, the Peninsula is rather like a backyard where us locals play our marbles – we have fun! Notwithstanding, there are some good sites for visitors. 18 personal favourites, in alphabetical order, are as follows. My criterion is nothing more or less than when, at the end of the day, you can say: “Man, that was good!”

Arboreal Rock Clari

Blood Sweat & Sandy Bay Peter Scholtz

DIY Newlands Scree Steve

Hangklip Peter Scholtz (even though I was unsuccessful in finding the cache!)

Knysna Peter Scholtz

Little Lion’s Head Peter Scholtz

Maclears Beacon Peter Scholtz

Mowbray Ridge Borat

Rooikrans Clari

Sentinel View Cmerry

Woodhead Peter Scholtz


Amongst my own caches, I would list:

Bipodosaurus in a Rampike Garden

Crows Nest Porthole

Danger Bay

Environmental East

ET in a Little Garden

Paul, Venus & Titan

…and while you’re doing Arboreal Rock, you might as well visit Tombstone Gulch for a quick draw!.


As you are only arriving in December, I’m sure you will find suitable caches in the Winelands and adjacent vicinity

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