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Find all caches at a certain latitude


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Hi all,

I am going crazy for a mystery, trying to find all caches at 5 specific latitudes.

For example, let's say I have a reference at N 51° 30.912. How do I find all caches ever published with this latitude?

Does anyone have any recommendations on how this could be achieved?


Thank you very much for the help,

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Someone else might have another suggestion, but I would think that this could be done by loading a large amount of caches into GSAK and then sorting or searching by latitude.


You can also search your finds to see what you already have.


See example screenshot: here are two caches I've found at the same latitude.




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I'm not near my computer to test this, but https://gsak.net/help/hs46000.htm suggests a bounding box search is available:



Rectangle - The rectangle box is a set of coordinates (top left and bottom right) which define a rectangle. Only caches within this rectangle will be selected. The maximum allowed distance between the two points is 100kms.  Click on the "Google map" button to generate the rectangle using the google maps interface.


Assuming that this search option doesn't account for the curvature of the Earth, you could draw a very thin "rectangle" (aka line) to obtain geocaches at that latitude. You'd have to repeat the search for various longitudes though, since the maximum size is 100km.

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