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8x Missing Travel Bugs found


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I found the following Travel Bugs in a cache in West Papua: GC7KFZH.


None of the TB’s were listed in the cache, so I was very surprised to find them.  The cache was published in March 2018 and although it was logged as found, no one had signed the log, nor mentioned anything about the TB’s.


They are all marked as missing.  I have written a note on the TB pages, and have photos in confirmation.  

How can I get them reinstated, so that I can log them and move them on?  The TB owners may not even be caching anymore, or else they would possibly contact me.




TB’s are:

The Whisky Lover
Lotto Karotti
10 Year Anniversary Geocoin - proxy
Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016
Travel Bug Origins - United States
Spike Bug
CPU 500Mhz

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Just use a "grab" log to retrieve each trackable from an "Unknown Location," and the trackable will be in your inventory.  They have already visited the cache where you found them, so you can drop them elsewhere.


I have edited your post to remove the secret tracking codes.  Please edit your cache log to fix the tracking code problem, and to delete your photos that disclose the tracking codes.  If you don't, people from all over will discover these trackables due to their photos appearing in the public gallery.


EDIT to add:  Regarding your statement that "no one had signed the log, nor mentioned anything about the TB’s," please note the CO's log from the time of publication, referencing the trackables they left, and note the FTF's "photo log" which is why the logbook was blank.

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