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How do I print all of the logs for a cache page?


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Back in the day I could display an entire cache with all of the logs. Then I could select all of that screen and print it onto paper.

Now it seems the best I can do is print 10 logs. Even if I display MANY logs, I can only print 3 pages.

I have many private property caches and I like to give the property owners a nice printout from time to time.

How can I print an entire set of logs?

Tried some other browsers but no improvement.

I am using


FireFox 115.0.3 64B

Win 10.

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This helps but the right side of the page is cut off.  Between the 3 and 2 in the gc number. (Forgot about that, I think this had been presented in these forums????)


Now this is strange...I just switched to Firefox and it printed many pages, but with the GC number cut off like with Chrome


trying to print GC321KK Open wide...

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