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Promoting the game

Peter Scholtz
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I Have +- 250 Booklets left but getting it to Cape Town will be a problem, with my up and comming wedding I seem to be a bit cash straped. so if any one has an life for a small box from Bloemfontein to Cape Town Let me Know. I have the original files used for the booklit Corel Draw 10 format. If any body wants to sonser us with a print job I will supply the files....


Let's see if we can get South Africe to beat New Zealand they have 190 wan we only 119, If we can't win the dam rugby let's give Geocaching a bash.


Hope to hear from you soon

Chris Smith

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Hi guys,


I dunno if these booklets are the same / similar to the cache I found at Augrabies last month? The 'flyer / log book' was really neat & handy, specifically if somebody stumbles on a cache, which seesm to be the case at this cache, as somebody found it in December last year by mistake! and made an entry in it.


In my cache find posting on my site, I requested the 'owner' to maybe let me have a copy of the documentation placed in the cache, then we can maybe get a standard going - this included his home made log book.


Is this booklet similiar? (as if you know what is in the cache!). I have another idea, which you guys would have to drive down in CPT. SA 4x4 is close to you (in Tokai area I believe). Get hold of Mark Johnstone and take him on a 'search', preferably to a cache like the one on Blaauberg Hill, where a 4x4 is involved. Get him a bit excited.


Then get him to look at these here pages, especially the 4x4 ones, and convince him to put an article together in the mag about Geocaching in SA.


Maybe this can get your booklet published in an alternative format, and get the 'sport' some exposure.


What thinks you?




PS. Can you email me a copy of the booklet (do not have CorelDraw - can you save it in another format?

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I don’t think that we are talking about the same information.


I have 3 items that I use in my caches. First there is an cover page that I paste onto the logbook then there is a page telling people what Geocaching is and then there is a 6 Page Booklet called Introduction To Geocaching In South Africa.


All items are in Corel Draw Format I can convert these files to .JPG of .BMP if need be but the spacing and positioning in the file can be changed in the posses. I am trying to download a program called Acrobat Distiller 5.0 this can changes all files into an Acrobat Format and can be viewed and printed from Acrobat Reader. Problem is the line speed of my Modem.


I will mail there files to any one that sends me mail asking to do so.


I have tried contacting a couple of the local magazines when Geocaching was still starting out, but had no response….


Let’s see if we can come up with a few ideas to promote the game


Hope to hear from you all


Chris Smith


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