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How to mark a geocoin no longer missing?

Peter the Hat & Net

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1 minute ago, Peter the Hat & Net said:

I have a  few  coins I have marked missing. Now two of them have turned up after a number of years. I cannot see how to mark them as not missing.




This is an automatic function when a Grab log is done.  Have the finder add a log entry, likely "Grab it from somewhere else".  This requires the Tracking Code, which the finder can determine from the item.

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2 hours ago, Peter the Hat & Net said:

Thanks. However if the finder declines to do that ( by the way the finder has actually had it in their possession the whole time - just not done anything with it) is it not possible for the owner to do that with a grab?


The log is available to you, but it will add to the confusion...  You logging that now you have it in your possession, while the taker in fact holds it.  


Maybe make a nice friendly Note log instead, thanking the taker for picking it up, and include a link to how to log it.  B)


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Similar to kunarion, I'd send a "Thanks so much for taking care of this for me. Hope all is well with you" or similar drippy language and include basics to just get it outta their hands.   ;)

Grabbing it when you don't have it in your possession, I don't feel is a good move.

I'd lock it and forgetaboutit awhile before messy it up further myself...


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