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Draft Found Logs from Cachly with Photos Attached Not Process Correctly on GC.Com


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Since around the 8th of July any draft logs created from Cachly with a photo attached are not processing 100% correctly on GC.com.  After hitting post log, the screen shades out and the spinning wheel spins for ever.  When you open a new window to view your recent finds, the cache shows as being found but no pictures are posted and no trackables that you selected to visit were posted as visited.  When you return to the original screen from where you posted your draft log, the processing wheel is still spinning.  You must return to the main GC page to work on your next draft.  If you delete any attached pictures from a draft found log, then the posting process works correctly as expected and all trackables selected to be visited are posted correctly as visited.  In summary, any found logs created from Cachly as a draft with a photo attached are getting hung up in the GC.com posting process.  Caches are being shown as found but with no pictures and no trackable visited.

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