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GEOCACHE EXCHANGE: International trading


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Dear Nordic colleagues,


a Canadian geocacher named canadazuuk came up with an excellent idea: exchanging geocaches. I agreed to exchange a geocache with him. If you want to know more, please read the appropriate thread in General Forum. As the idea is very fresh and evolving, your input is needed!


I suggest the further discussion on this topic should continue in the original topic, but of course geocachers seeking their exchange partners in Nordic countries can post here.


(Gee, a Finn posted an English language topic here! Where is this world coming to?icon_rolleyes.gif)


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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The idea that I have discussed with Divine appears to have been received well thus far. There are cachers responding to the thread, looking for exchange partners.


Divine and I will be preparing caches during the next week or so. I have some items already in mind for the cache, including Canadian Geocoins, Canadian Tire Money etc...


I think it would be nice if we could share some photos here once the caches are completed.


Best regards,



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Originally posted by canadazuuk:

Divine and I will be preparing caches during the next week or so. I have some items already in mind for the cache, including Canadian Geocoins, Canadian Tire Money etc...

What exactly is a guy in Norway/Finland going to do with Canadian Tire money? It's not like it's a currency.

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Originally posted by Captain_Morgan&Family:

When these caches will be hidden?

After we get them into our possession. Myself, I have so far only thought of the possible contents of the cache I will send to canadazuuk. Then I have to get the actual contents, the container. Then there's packing and sending etc. If (when) we send them through surface mail, it'll be several weeks until they'll actually be hidden.


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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:unsure: Holy cow! That stuff is too nice! I want to know when it will be hidden and take the two (or so) days it will take me to drive to Canada to get items like that.


Bummer. I think she is in BC. That's way too far for me. You need to find a cacher in NC (not me) who will do this with you.

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Has my package been lost? Or did Divine not arrive back from Thailand?

I'm back (could have stayed there longer, though). :D I haven't heard a word about your package since you sent it. Guess it's taking looong this time.


There's a tiny possibility that I've received a notification from the postal company that it's arrived, but I've just missed it. That, however, is not very likely. I have been thinking of calling to the post office and ask if they would know some more about its whereabouts. Now that you mentioned it, think I'll do it today.

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Hehe, the notification of the package arrival came one day later when canadazuuk asked about its whereabouts. I just picked it up today, and the contents are awesome! Nothing's broken even.


Expect a new cache from me in the near future. I might not be able to hide it right the next few days, but I'll do my best. Y'all have waited for this long, what's couple of weeks more? <_<

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Here's my cache contents just before sending the cache to Doc-Dean to Florida, USA.


Aarikka shot class, moose rack, TB Snufkin, kuksa (wooden mug),

Finnish flag - toothpicks, hankies for kids, reindeer,

Moomin keyring, Finnish flag sticker, wooden eagle pin,

wooden butter knife,

Old 1 Finnish mark banknote from year 1963


All Made in Finland :)

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I've finally got my cache finished. I've looked high and low to collect all sorts of American memoriabilia and chachies. I also included a couple of gifts for my trading buddy. A personalized pen and a geocaching stencil to decorate his ammo can and other geo-containers. I did not paint the ammo-can myself b/c I don't know into what type of area its going to be hidden.


It will shortly be sent off to Captain Morgan in Finland.


Contents include: A cloth US Flag, a few US flag stickers, USAF stickers, multiple buttons and pins, interesting pens, a viewfinder with local animals found in Florida, drink coolies, a meatloaf CD, a new TB being released, a CITO container, and 2 different types of calculators for first and second finders.


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