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Why do some of my hides ned attention?

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I disabled a cache some time ago and got a reviewer note.  As instructed, I posted a write note, then fixed the issue and wrote Owner Maintenance and Enable logs on 29 June.


My dashboard still says that some of my hides need attention,  None are disabled and I can't see which ones are the problem.


When I click the "Review your hides" link I get a comment about the reviewer note, but that is all over now.


Two points:


1,  Could a reviewer please have a look at my hides to check what is wrong

2.  Could a Lackey please talk to the programmers and ask then to display better information about which hides are causing problems and why.  Something like <<cache name>> is still disabled or <<cache name>> has an outstanding Owner Attention log would be really helpful





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1 hour ago, Gill &amp; Tony said:

When I click the "Review your hides" link I get a comment about the reviewer note, but that is all over now.


I think the alert about the reviewer note remains for 30 days, even if it's been acted upon.

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4 hours ago, mysterion604 said:

I set a cache of mine on "Disabled" for a while, because I had to repair/replace something, and the "your cache needs attention" notice stayed up until I took the cache off Disabled status. 

That's interesting,  the note stayed on mine for quite a while after the cache had both OM and enable logs published.

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