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I last did a Wherigo cache (not on this account if you're wondering) and I wanted to make one myself. But when I came across the official website, it came to my notice that there is only a Windows cartridge builder and it was last updated in 2008. I know there are 2 or 3 other cartridge builders, but they all seem a bit questionable and immature in some manner. So my question is, why are cartridge builders so impopular and how do people actually make their Wherigo caches?

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This post is being written as a community member, not as a moderator or Groundspeak volunteer.  My opinions are my own.


Urwigo is likely the most fleshed-out of the third-party builders, followed by Earwigo.


We don't have a more fleshed-out builder because Groundspeak hasn't really done anything to encourage the community.  I haven't heard anything to the contrary about reviewers being advised not to publish Wherigo geocaches that specifically cite the (free) third-party builder app used to create the cartridge (yet cache listings involving certain other services that have a premium tier are allowed).  Internally, the community has talked about revising the Wherigo specification, which has also likely had an impact upon development (but without the community's hosting the listing service, specification changes wouldn't be able to be listed on Wherigo.com, which would then certainly cause Wherigo geocache listings not to be published).


I had created a second version of Kit, but never published it because I'd then have to finish the rest of the site's design and I tired myself out.  My job over the past five to six years has willingly and eagerly been interested in consuming all free time I would like to put into developing software.  I figure it's better to put the time into my job and have what I create be used than attempt to continue Wherigo development--especially the cartridge listing service--and chance it likely never really being used.  Besides, recreating it with a modern API, Blazor front end, and microservices in the back end would increase the cost I pay to host Kit and the Wherigo Foundation site.  I already pay a not insignificant cost every year to host everything.  It would be sad to double it or more with a microservices-based infrastructure if it's not going to go anywhere.


In early February, I requested a meeting be set up with me, but I haven't heard anything since.  I wanted to talk about Wherigo's future and what active role Groundspeak could play in the community.  I myself am not that good in keeping a group of people engaged in a pursuit.  I'd need one or two other people to play off of.  I'm willing to give it one more shot if we can keep an active and engaged team.


I guess for me, the largest obstacles are lack of encouragement, lack of anyone who might want to assist with developing a professional web-based builder, and Groundspeak's seemingly-apathetic stance on the matter.

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