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Moving cache icon when resizing and moving map


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When on the website (as least via mobile) when you open the map showing cache icons then use the pinch expand, shrink, the icon don't stay fixed to the coords location. But move at a different rate. Reversing the action does not result in the icons returning to the correct placement. 


This must be a bug.. right? 

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6 hours ago, Dotty_Bird said:

via mobile


iPhone or Android? Safari or Chrome? What are the versions of the operating system and browser?


6 hours ago, Dotty_Bird said:

the map


The new search map or the old browse map?

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I can reproduce this, and saw it on my husband's phone as well.  Using Android on a Google Pixel 4a - open the geocaching.com webiste in Chrome browser, then Play>> View Map to go to the Search Map.  Zooming in (and sometimes not even then) and then scrolling the map reaults in the map and the icons moving at different speeds (rates, scales) so they are not located on the map in the correct locations.  The Browse works as expected.



Application version - Chrome 114.0.5735.196

Operating system - Androind 13; Pixel 4a Build/TQ3a.230605.011





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