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FIN: mietintää

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Mikä tässä harrastuksessa parasta?




[This message was edited by Tahu Nuva on October 30, 2003 at 06:09 AM.]

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Luova toiminta (kätköjen perustaminen) ja se että jokaiselle työmatkalle ja reissulle löytyy jotain tekemistä. Itse pidän ulkoilusta ja kätköjä hakiessa ulkoiluun tulee päämäärä. Tavallisesti bussipysäkille raahautuminen loskasäässä harmittaa suunnattomasti, mutta samana iltana kolmen tunnin rämpiminen hyisessä suossa on upea kokemus...



N 60° 13.206

E 024° 50.097


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I have similar feelings with Stargher, although I'm not much of an outdoors guy. Despite that, I enjoy being outdoors when I have a proper reason, and guess I haven't yet found better reason to be outdoors than geocaching.icon_smile.gif


However, what's the best in geocaching to me? I guess it's the fact that it's so global. I mean man, there's more than 72 thousand caches in 188 countries now that I'm writing this! It's possible to do geocaching almost everywhere you go. We have great big international community of geocachers here and I'm glad every time there's international cooperation and activity.


One of the coolest international geocaching projects I've joined is the first European IMC. (Btw, if anyone's interested participating to #2 in Finland, please contact me.)


I'm also the maintainer for a cache hidden by a German caching team. Then, I won one of the famous hiking staves of El Diablo, the leader of the Evil Horde.bad_boy_a.gif ...yeah, it's the international nature of this hobby that's best for me in geocaching.


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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