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997 caches in Sweden right now

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Exciting! Who will be number 1000? icon_cool.gif Maybe we should celebrate in some form?!



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998 now icon_biggrin.gif




"Only two things are infinite,

the universe and human stupidity,

and I'm not sure about the former...."

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Wow, we are still far from that. But i wish we get soon more caches. I just challenged all finnish geocachers to make at least 5 new caches per geocacher during this year, and all of them to communes or cities where is so far no caches. Let's see how many caches we have at the end of year...




[This message was edited by Captain_Morgan&Family on January 31, 2003 at 02:48 PM.]

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I saw that it was approaching 1000, and attempted to post about that, but then saw that Jasy already did.


However, the number is decreasing. Right now the web page says 996.

Still, we must start removing some old caches, or even the latest firmware releases from Garmin, allowing 1000 waypoints in more GPS units, will not be sufficient. icon_biggrin.gif



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Active / inactive caches are in Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland:


Country active / inactive


Faroe Islands 2 / 0


Finland 408 / 37


Greenland 2 / 0


Iceland 11 / 3


Denmark 309 / 80


Norway 335 / 39


Regards, Tahu Nuva

Edited by Tahu Nuva

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So, statisticly is Farao and Greenland the countries in the Nordic Countries with most active caches? 100% of all caches are active :lol:

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