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Navigation Locking Up on App

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Has anyone else had this problem?  While navigating to several locations the other day, my Adventure Lab app locked up on the navigation screen, at various distances from the locations.  It was odd, because the distance would count down as I approached from several hundred feet away until it stopped counting down, usually between 60 to 100 feet away from the location.  I tried closing the app and then reopening it.  The problem was still there.  I even powered off my phone and then powered it on again.  The problem was still there.  I was with another cacher and so I followed them until they were in the geo-fence area.  But once there, the answer box would not activate.  After some fiddling with the app, like going off the navigation screen, walking away from the location, and then walking back, I was able to get the answer box to activate and get credit for visiting the location.  But, obviously, it was very aggravating.  I have an iPhone 12 Mini, iOS Version 16.5.  My friend has the same phone and did experience any problems the app on hers.


Does anyone have an idea of why I am having this problem?  And what I need to do to fix it so it does not recur?


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