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"Write Note" Log Type Option Needed

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I was in the city on a maintenance run of some of my caches that were disabled. Arriving at GZ, I could see what needed to be done but I didn't have the necessary equipment with me to effect the repair at that time. As I didn't actually do anything, I wanted to place a Write Note log type to let cachers know that I was on to the problem and remedial action was being planned. Opening the official app on my Oppo Android phone and hitting the "Log" button, I discovered there was no option for a Write Note log type. The only options were Owner Maintenance, Enable and Archive. To post my Write Note log, I had to open the cache in my browser.


It would be very helpful and appreciated if a Write Note option could be added to the list of log types for owned disabled caches. Thanks Groundspeak.

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On 6/11/2023 at 11:34 AM, thebruce0 said:

A quick fix between now and whenever/if it's addressed would be to open the listing in the mobile browser and post a Note from its web page. 


That's what I have to do now but it would be nice if the Write Note log type was an option in the geocaching app for owned, disabled caches....... but it isn't!

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