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Geocaching Sweden Homepage??


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I've considered emailing, but as it's his voluntary hobby-like site, which he uses his free time to update, I didn't want to push him.icon_smile.gif After all, he gets nothing from me for bringing me the joy of his stats. (Well, he DOES get hits to his site, at leasticon_wink.gif).


What I have done is Ive nudged him in some other forum messages, where he mentioned his site himself. Sure, I'd love an update, and it's sad to say but the site is merely a curiosity any more since there is no fresh data, but like I said: it's his site and his free time. He has no obligations whatsoever.


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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I'm not updating Geocaching Sweden for the moment, because I don't have the time to do it. I have been very busy for a while, and I have some programming work to do before I can run new updates. It is my intention to do this, but it is impossible for me to say when I will find the time to do it.


The e-mail account I use only for Geocaching related mail is recieving so much spam that haven't even bothered to sort out the important mails and answer them. I am sorry for that too.

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I have a domain www.norlan.org who has plenty of place ( 2,5 gig ) and can run almoust any code on it.

The website runs on fullxml atm. FullXml is a powerfull publish system so we can give different users editors right to make new pages and stuff. Maybe we can creata a living nordic geocashing page ?

Someone get me the source code and and I will be more than happy to put up a nordic stat page :)

Or if we need to use it for something else as long as it has to do with geocahing.

Just give me a tell. I will be more than happy to keep it up to date. ;)

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I have E-mailed Gustaf and offered him to run all freely on my domain.

The we could upate it every day without any problems.

I have also sendt some request to some us servers to get some nice cache scrips.

Sp cross your fingers maybe we can get this to work.


My page at www.norlan.org also have a photo album, a download site and a guestbook. ( forum is directed to here :))

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More Swedish Geocaching statistics.


For a while, Cyberjunkie and me, have worked on a follow up to my previous Swedish Statistics at Sweden Top 20 Found and Owned.

The new page shows the most recent Swedish logs. You can find it at Most Recent Swedish Logs.

If there is an interest from another Nordic country we can easily provide a similar log page for them.

Look out for more statistics additions in the future !

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I must say that we get a lot of value for the money! It is rich with information!!!


More stats please, I luuuuuv stats!!!




According to stats are it better to drive drunk than sober!

1 of 4 people that are killed in car-accidents are drunk - that is not good.

But if you turn it around - 3 of 4 people killed in car-accidents are sober.

This means that the risk of die in a car-accident is higher if your sober!

So if you drink and drive - the risk of die in a car-accident is smaller...???




Stats can be twisted around so it can show anything. And therefor I just love reading stats and start thinking of why the stats was published and what they really show...

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To provide Top-x Found and Top-y Owned for the other Nordic countries I would like help gathering User-data once a week (or once per update) from one cacher in each country, then I will run an extractor program and publish the info. Most recent logs is generated automatically. Those interested to assist, please contact me off-forum.

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We have now been running the Recent Swedish Logs page for a while and after some initial problems it now seems stable enough.

Therefore Cyberjunkie and undersigned decided to add Recent Log pages for the other Nordic countries.

Have a look on GeoStatNordic where you with a simple click can view the (100) most recent logs for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and soon the Faroe Islands.

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