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GPS Visualizer now has detailed Europe maps


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Hello Nordic cachers,


I'm the guy behind GPS Visualizer, a free on-line program that draws SVG maps from GPS data (including .LOC files from geocaching.com). I thought I'd post a note about it in this forum because I've finally found a source for street-level maps of all of Europe, including Scandinavia.


Please check it out and let me know if the new map option (labeled "Europe, US, Canada: political maps") works as well as I hope it does!


The URL: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/


Have fun!


Adam Schneider



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N.B.: the new background map option ("Europe, US, Canada...") is only 100% accurate on small scales (less than 100km or so) -- beyond that, the curve of the earth affects it too much.


So, it works very well for plotting single caches, or all caches within a city. But for really wide areas (like "all the caches I've found in Sweden"), I recommend the map labeled "Worldwide: physical"; it does NOT lose its accuracy at any scale. ("MODIS imagery" stays accurate also, but it's somewhat ugly.)


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I will have to check this out. I am hoping to do a geocaching/exploring trip to Iceland/Norway within 1 year. I will definately need some help to set this up ahead of time, and maps of where the caches actually are will help greatly.


How about an Iceland Cache Machine? Hit all 12 within 3 days in the middle of winter, if that's even possible...

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