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Geotour Icons on map?


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It would be nice if the icons for the geocaches on the map, that are part of a geotour, could be easily recognised as part of a geotour. Perhaps the standard icons could have a ring around them or something so they could stand out from the other geocache icons on the map. Once a geotour is over, the icons could revert back to the standard icons. It would helpful in finding and planing a visit to be able to easily spot them on the map. Would something like that be possible? Thank you for any consideration.

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I think a group that invests thousands of dollars into setting up, placing great caches in amazing places in their area, and promotes geocaching through television reporting and advertising of their geotour is worthy of a temporary special icon for it's caches on the map. It would be very helpful to newer geocachers who are excited to learn the game, and to geocachers coming in from out of the area to plan their route to a new area and complete the geotour. To me, the convenience of a temporary icon would show support from the geocaching community. A temporary local event that has two geocachers show up has has it's own icon that temporarily shows on the map. Running searches, making lists, and plotting out routes seems very inconvenient, especially to the new geocachers we are trying to bring into the geocaching community, especially when a temporary icon, that you can just see on the map, would help so much.

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Sorry, I'm not requesting a new cache type with its oun icon, but something similiar to the way favorite points now show up on the map by highly favorited caches. A geotour symbol could be triggered by the geotour attribute, and when the geotour is over and the attribute is removed from the listing, the symbol would also be removed.

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18 minutes ago, runninbear1 said:

I ran a search for the geotour attribute and the caches in an older geotour I participated in do not show up although the geocaches are still active. They just lost their attribute.


I still think filtering for them on my app is so easy. 

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