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[bug] Logging date doesn't stick

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Same problem here. What's happening is that one used to be able to just change the date once at the start of a logging session, and the logs would then carry on defaulting to that date for an hour or so or until you changed it. That seems to have stopped working, so each and every log has to be changed manually from the current date.

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And another bug. Logging caches from last weekend from a list. I opened the list on a map as usual and when I open the cache page, or go directly to LOG from there I always get today's date with every log. In the past the last chosen date would stick on the log form for a while.

Windows laptop, Firefox (about two updates behind)

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7 minutes ago, HHL said:

See that:



Ah, so that bug is the same. Didn't realize just from the title (so many caches to log, so little time!). And still not fixed then. Thanks a lot.

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I've been having the same problem. It's very annoying and also very time consuming to have to go back and edit everything. I hope that this gets fixed soon. It seemed to work quite nicely in the past.

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When I post logs for trackables, the date does not change back to today. After I post a log for May 16th, the next log will automatically be set to May 16th too, for instance. So there is a way to make this possible.

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