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Geocoins for sale


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Hi all. I am about to move so as I was cleaning out the garage, I came across some of my old geocoins that I need to get rid of. I used to be a geocaching.com admin/volunteer way back in the day, so I have a few cool things.


Trackable geocoins:

Geocaching Volunteer 2005
Groundspeak Lackey 2005
San Francisco 2005
Temecula Valley Geocaching Association 2006
podcacher.com 2006
Pennsyvania 2005
Scotland 2006
FullOn Geocoin 100 Finds 2005
Zombie Tribe (Silver) 2003
Conejo Cachers Undated
Maine's First Geocache 2005
Photomom Undated
Zombie Tribe (Gold) 2003
Moun10bike Geocoing 2 2004
Crystal Dragon Geocoin 2008
San Diego Geocoin 2005
UncleJon Geocoin 2006
Big Bear Geocoin Undated
Kentucky Geocoin 2005
The Day We Met 2005
Desert Caching Its Not For The Timid! Undated
California Geocoin 2004
North Carolina Geocachers Association Undated
Zombie Tribe (Black) 2003
Canada Undated
Bike Dog Undated
N Scaler License Plate Undated
Georgia Stone Mountain 2006
New York Geocaching 2005


I also have 7 of the original white Jeep trackables and 9 of the Jeep geotags.


Please contact me at FullOnGeocacher@gmail.com if you are interested. I really only want to sell these all as a lot, so make me an offer I can't refuse.


Thanks very much and happy caching!

















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39 minutes ago, tbbiker said:

I'm glad that I am not the only one who has a box full of geocoins that they don't display/look at anymore.  I keep mine in my bedroom closet.  What a huge waste of money.  If I didn't make the mistake of activating all of them, I'd try and sell mine too.  Good luck!


As long as the geocoins can be adopted to a new owner, many people are willing to buy activated geocoins.

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