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Geocaching Gear


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Right, lets try this again. I am now in the US, so I shouldn't have too much trouble ordering and taking delivery of geocaching gear.


BigNick and tgsnoopy have offered to help me out on this one. The plan of attack is this.


1. Email BigNick if you live in the South Island or tgsnoopy if you live in the North Island what you want to order. They will consolidate the orders and pass that onto me.

2. I'll order and receive the stuff here in the States, and forward it to BigNick and tgsnoppy.

3. I'll let you know how much you owe, including NZ postage, and you can pay me.

4. BigNick and tgsnoopy will send the stuff out.


Let's see who is still interested in gear then... icon_smile.gif At last we'll have our own travel buys to run riot. Mwahahahaha


Cheers Gav

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An update from Gav:

The order has arrived in his hot little hands, but he is away from his home base in the US for a week, so will ship them when he gets back. All going well they will arrive in NZ in about 4 weeks from now. At this time we will know how much each item costs, and will contact people who placed orders to get money and then they will be couriered to you. At this stage, payment will be made by money transfer into Gavins bank account, once he has confirmed to tgsnoopy or myself that he has the money, we will pop your items into a courier bag and send them off (In my case, if you are in Chch, I can probably drop them off, saving you a courier, but costing you a beer/coffee and a chat with my ugly mug icon_smile.gif)


Looking forward to seeing lots of NZ travel bugs in our caches.




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Gavin has worked out the total cost of the geocaching order (that is in transit) and broke it down to the unit costs:

Static Cling Window Decal $8.05 each

Compass Keychain $8.05 each

Travel Bug $11.44 each

TShirt Serial or Long Sleeve Crayon $43.07 each

Cap $43.07 each

TShirt Standard (L-XL) $29.60 each

TShirt Standard (3XL) $37.68 each

Neill and I will be contacting the people who have ordered items about payment and delivery when the items hit our shores - this is a heads up so you can start saving icon_wink.gif




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