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Encrypted Clues


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I've come across some encrypted clues such as "Don't trample the native plants", "Don't attempt when area in flood", "Use good footwear". I would argue that these are not 'clues', and more so that they should not be encrypted!

I take it that the encrypted clue is (supposedly) used when you're at the location and need help finding the cache. These particular gems of advice would be useful before you even head off.

Thoughts? - M@

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I agree, if you are at the site and have hunted but have been unable to find the cache then the encrypted clues should provide enough info to find the cache - there is nothing worse than decrypting a clue only to find it something like "You don't need a clue" or "Email me and I will give you more details"




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Couldn't agree more - when you have been searchng for 'hours' and decide you need help, then the hint should be just that - at least something further that sets you back on the right path or in the right direction. It is not always going to get you to the cache but at least it should be helpful.



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It wasn't even that amusing standing on the pile of tailings above the carpark area talking on the cellphone.


Nothing hacks me off more than decrypting "There is no clue". Clues should very much be a case of if you can't say something useful don't say anything. When it's really really hot/pouring with rain and you've been searching for, what seems like hours humour isn't apreiciated.


I try and segment my clues, with them getting more and more detailed.

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