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Leaderboard bug for may 2023: Adventure Labs Locations not counted


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Wheel of Challenges blog entries say that each Found it, including AL locations, should count for 10 points.


There are several reports that this is not the case in another part of this forum.


Please note that "finding" a location today triggered the blue switch souvenir, so it is not a global problem with this type of "log".

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Leaderboard seems not work correctly for this new Wheel of Challenges period.

On Monday, 1st of May, AL locations found shows zero points.

Then I did not have credits, when receiving favo for my cache.

Also attending CITO or event gives credits randomly.

Would you kindly correct this? Thank You! :-)

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I contacted HQ about my missing leaderboard points for AL stages found on May 1st. I received this response...


We have fixed the leaderboard so that new Adventure finds (found after May 1st at 7:30 pm UTC) count towards this month's challenge.
The team is currently looking into fixing finds from before this time, but we are unable to promise if or when we might credit the finds to the Leaderboard.

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